Data Collection

ARW can respond to client needs for information with the latest methods and technology. The company ensures that all available methods employed meet industry standards for validity. Quick and efficient research processes transform information requests into research objectives that are measurable, within budget, and provide a basis for action. Our capabilities span: custom research, data collection methods, and advanced analytics.

Data collection is at the heart of every Marketing Research project. The proper collection of data can be daunting. ARW has your solution. ARW offers several ways to collect data: the Internet, mobile devices, by telephone, through the mail, with focus groups, with ethnographies or increasingly through hybrid forms of data collection.

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Since inception, Applied has been utilizing focus groups to collect information for clients. We have conducted over 750 traditional style groups throughout North America. In the past two years we have added the capability to conduct focus groups on the web. We have the in-house capability to recruit respondents for traditional groups, one-on-one interviews, and web-based groups. And we have in-house an experienced moderator who has moderated over 500 focus groups with expertise in both traditional and web-based applications.


In-house ethnographer who journeys into the life of an individual to better understand their habits and product interactions and how the product or service fits into their lifestyle. The intention is to get up-close and personal to observe how people react and interact in order to develop a fresh approach and insight into the behavior of a client’s primary consumer.

Ethnography complements other research efforts and delivers a fresh approach to looking at a client’s target audience.

Social Media Research (Bullseye)

ARW has created "Bullseye", a new software product that initially scours social media, blogs and other postings for key words and then analyzes the "little data" for important and differentiating nuggets. ARW has developed, with the help of several well known software engineers, this new ability to garner valuable information.

Other Qualitative Data Collection Methods

Applied interviewers can mystery shop, conduct intercepts, exit interviews or one-on-one depth interviews. Company personnel have years of experience fielding studies nationwide or locally and have established relationships with a variety of suppliers. The company understands the requirement for quality respondents, and therefore recruits strictly according to client specifications.


Internet Web-Based Research

ARW began using the web for research in 1995, when it was asked to conduct a study for Hallmark Cards. Since then, the company has used web based tools to conduct increasingly complex surveys on the Internet. Our programming permits us to integrate complex skip patterns and real-time reporting. Other design features include perception analyzer and “point and click” thermometer scales. Applied can also bring in pop-up pictures and video/audio files that help demonstrate product features and capabilities. Data encryption is available to protect valuable and proprietary client information. We have the ability to:

Develop and maintain consumer panels

Use a wide variety of research designs including conjoint and discrete choice

Conduct usability studies

Mobile Research

The new norm for understanding the consumer is to interview them when they enter your space. Brick and mortar, as well as, service industry brands can best understand their guests when they intersect with their brand. Smartphones now allow us to interact with the guest when they are actually experiencing the brand. ARW has developed a “mobile friendly” interface that creates a dynamic survey strategy regardless of the device that allows consumers to easily understand and answer the questions in a limited timeframe. Although the process can work for any project, it is most advantageous when consumers actually enter the brand’s sphere of influence.

Telephone Data Collection

The company houses its own phone room for traditional telephone studies. Prior to interviewing, interviewers are trained using Applied’s specially developed training program.

New interviewers are taught the importance of:

Quality and accurate data entry prior to making their first call

Probing and clarifying responses

Keeping client information confidential.

Applied management briefs interviewers prior to a study and clients are encouraged to attend. Interviewers are monitored during the interviewing and clients may monitor the interviewers from their own offices or homes.

The company uses a Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) software system. It consists of interviewer software and a tabulation package. With this software, Applied can design simple or complex questionnaires and manage a large number of quota cells (for example, different segments or different time zones).

The CATI’s sample management features also permit the scheduling of respondent callbacks in order to complete interviews, or in business research, Applied furnishes an 800-number to permit respondents to call in at their convenience.

Mail Data Collection

If clients prefer to collect data through the mail with a self-administered questionnaire, Applied will design or review the questionnaire, manage the printing and distribution of the questionnaire, and enter or scan the completed questionnaires into the computer. To ensure that all data is accurately entered, ARW practices 100% verification. We offer:

On-site formatting and printing

On-site mailhouse capabilities

On-site data entry, scanning, and coding

Typical ongoing tracking studies conducted, include:


Customer satisfaction

New product purchase

Rejecter studies

Product Registration

On-Site Data Collection

ARW is frequently called upon to administer surveys on site such as in malls (e.g., taste tests), at conventions (e,g., CES), and shows (e.g., the auto show). Our CAPI system comes with a full set of features, including quota management and logic. Our tabulation software is capable of displaying statistics while the study is in the field.