Custom Research

ARW can respond to client needs for information with the latest methods and technology. The company ensures that all available methods employed meet industry standards for validity. Quick and efficient research processes transform information requests into research objectives that are measurable, within budget, and provide a basis for action. Our capabilities span: custom research, data collection methods, and advanced analytics.

Types of customer research projects we are frequently engaged to conduct are:

  • Advertising and Promotion Research
  • Attitude and Image Research
  • Brand Awareness and Usage Research
  • Brand Equity Research
  • Brand Positioning of New Brands
  • Brand Re-positioning of Established Brands for New Audiences
  • Celebrity ~ Product Research
  • Competitive Research
  • Conjoint Studies
  • Copy Testing
  • Customer Satisfaction Research
  • Customer Segmentation Research
  • Data-mining
  • Employee Satisfaction Research
  • Geo-demographic Analysis
  • Global / International Research
  • Millennial / Youth Research
  • Multicultural Research
  • Naming / Logo Research
  • New Product Naming Research
  • New Product Design
  • Package Evaluation
  • Pricing Elasticity Research
  • Taste Tests
  • Tracking Studies