A Brief History

Applied Research-West, Inc. (ARW) was established in 1994 as a full-service market research company. We chose the name Applied because our research findings lead to marketing decisions. Research is our life blood and we are  very passionate about it. Our key start-up clients included American Honda, Fremantle Media, and Mitsubishi Consumer Electronics. We first established our office on PCH in Long Beach, CA. After a successful 4-year run, we moved our Headquarters to Orange, CA in 1998 and have been here ever since.

Our Approach

We at ARW are very deliberate in understanding the needs and aspirations of our clients. We are especially committed to utilizing our brains’ left and right capabilities; we are dedicated to delivering logical information with creative actionable direction. We want to partner with our clients and give them more than just numbers, we promise to deliver results and information that assist in making the most appropriate and informed decisions.

The ‘left brain’ logical and analytical approach is tempered by the ‘right brain’ insight which makes for a powerful combination, ultimately allowing us to deliver to our clients a product that is a cut above. In other words, we believe that because Market Research is best performed when the tangible is judiciously combined with the intangible, we have honed this approach to perfection.

What Makes Us Unique

We are an efficient firm and are able to devote time and energy to every project while keeping costs reasonable. Our extensive careers in marketing research have brought us to believe in an "analytical creative problem solving" approach to our projects, which provides the client with more than just information and numbers; but instead, insights and actionable information. Add to this our responsiveness to client needs, which we believe is an integral part of our company culture.

Peer Recognition

Applied Research - West, Inc. has been recognized for its responsiveness to client needs, value added services, and expertise in marketing research.

Four time winner of The American Honda "Premier Partner" Award.

Three time nominee by The Southern California Business Development Evelopment Council for the "Supplier of the Year" Award.

Our Senior Staff

The Senior staff at ARW all have advanced degrees and all have superior market research credentials. Combined with practical experience in marketing management and marketing research, they offer their clients a unique blend of theoretical and real-world expertise.